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English grammar software has advanced significantly over the last 10 years. Now days these programs not only check for spelling, they can analyze your writing at the phrase and sentences level giving you feedback on your phrase construction, pointing out errors and suggesting better ways to word what you are attempting to convey. This level of analysis and feedback can prove very helpful to both native and non native English speakers by producing higher quality documents and saving time in the editing process.

Pros of English Grammar Software
  • Provides quick detailed feedback regarding our writing
  • Offers a huge database of synonyms
  • Enhances our English vocabulary
  • Using this kind of software can improve our confidence in our writing
  • Most grammar software offering provide mini English lessons built into the package

Cons of English Grammar Software
  • They may miss some important errors, especially homonyms
  • They can mark a grammatically correct phrase as incorrect
  • The suggestions they make will not be correct 100% of the time so the writer must still have some confidence with the English language

Given the remaining deficiencies, English grammar software should be used as an editor rather than a writer. Even so, it can be a very powerful and useful tool in your writing arsenal.

Below I have included a run down on the most powerful grammar correctors currently available.

Probably the most powerful and popular stand alone grammar checker on the market today. It works with all text based applications (MS Word, Outlook, MSM Messenger etc.) and aims to enrich your writing through a highly advanced algorithm that contains over 6,000,000 enrichment corrections.

Editor by Serenity Software is another powerful option. It analyzes your documents at 3 levels: word, phrase and sentence. It is more suited for writers who are already very confident with their writing abilities and need a final proofreader.

StyleEase is aimed at academics who want to focus more on content. This software handles the formatting of citations and reference entries for them saving significant time.

Microsoft Word
Microsoft Word is an early pioneer in grammar editing software. It is the most widely used word processor world wide. While it may not be as powerful as WhiteSmoke for instance, MS Word sill does a great job for many people.

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